Aditya Timpack Pvt Ltd QUALITY POLICY

  • Quality as already highlighted in the corporate profile, is a key tenet to the Aditya timpack way of doing things. Quality at Aditya timpack is benchmarked to international standards and permeates into each and every step of the manufacturing and product delivery process.
  • A key component of our quality program is our focus on cleanliness and hygiene that ensure all our FIBC, especially food grade FIBC, are sanitized and free from dust, germs and pollutants.

  • Aditya timpack Quality Control Department is responsible for the daily quality verification of production, adhering to the ISO certified quality control system and handling customer complaints.
  • The hallmark of Aditya timpack Quality control team is its proactive approach to quality which often results in improved processes, better products, cost-savings and new bench-marks of efficiency.

  • Quality is front and center in all aspects of our business. Our strategies always revolve around quality; we guarantee you world-class quality products and services.
  • The reason of our progressive growth is our range of quality products, which is acceptable around the world. Our range of polypropylene bags, FIBC bags and fabrics undergo strict quality check at each level, including procurement of raw materials, designing, stitching and finishing.
  • Our main area of thrust is quality, which is well maintained and promoted by highly qualified and dedicated workforce. We have been using stringent quality measures to check the quality of our products such as Stability, Stackability, Load bearing strength, Moisture resistance, Toxicity, Tear strength etc.
  • We have a quality management team to supervise the quality check-up by the time of production and before shipment of the products.
  • We make sure that the raw material and end products comply with the international quality & safety norms. Advanced testing facilities are incorporated at our quality test labs and a high level of sophistication is maintained.
  • We always strive to provide our clients quality products and get the maximum customer satisfaction by providing world class customer service. Our worldwide clients have appreciated the quality of our products.
  • Quality is the key to our success, and that’s the main reason our products are legendary for quality and durability.